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Brühlstraße has always been a place where people meet socially. This makes it an ideal fit for WGH-Herrenhausen, a housing association that works tirelessly to encourage neighbourly living.  

We have built premium quality micro-apartments for students or individuals embarking on their professional career on a site with a history spanning almost 200 years.

During the 19th century, entrepreneur Gerd Landvoigt created an area where individuals belonging to “high society” could purchase plants and also enjoy coffee and cake in green surroundings. This was at a time when Hanover was a kingdom and the personal union with England had been ended by Ernest Augustus.

Approximately 100 years later, a clubhouse called Königs-Worth catered for up to 1,500 guests on the same site. In this age of increasing industrialisation, the ability to relax and amuse oneself was no longer the preserve of aristocrats and the middle classes. Indeed, the working classes also wanted to be able to escape from their everyday trials and tribulations. Restaurants created for the masses, such as the Königs- Worth, were welcome attractions for these people.

Now, in the 21st century, the New Apostolic congregations have made use of parts of the former guesthouse as a church room. This meant that, once again, a place had been created where many people could congregate.

By building a residential complex for students and young professionals, we are upholding the tradition of conviviality and social interaction.

We are excited by it!